Thank You!

I just wanted to take some time out to say thanks. We came within a few hundred votes of winning and I am humbled by the tremendous amount of support that caring neighbours, friends, and colleagues have shown. I am thankful for your contributions, words of encouragement, time spent volunteering, delicious meals and warm support.

This riding is the highest in need in the City of Toronto and we must do better by the next generation. If you have been part of this movement, I ask you to stick by me. I will continue to work to develop a politics for working people that is progressive and inclusive.

This campaign became much bigger early on with the boundary changes and in effect I managed the Councillor campaign for Anthony Perruzza while being a candidate. Not an easy feat.

As campaign manager for Anthony Perruzza, I am very happy to see former Councillor Mammoliti go. We knocked on over 100,000 doors, made over 120,000 phone calls, in over 21 languages and put up thousands of signs. This is the most diverse riding in the most diverse City in North America. We had the strongest ground campaign of any riding I know of and our local brand of local politics, the politics of inclusion and progressiveness won out.

We ran a positive campaign that stuck to issues even as other campaigns tried to confuse voters and became negative. Thank you to all the volunteers that helped make this happen. Thank you to Humber River – Black Creek.

My work did not start with the election and it does not stop here. I will continue working to make our schools and our communities better.



Matias de Dovitiis
your candidate for Public School Trustee

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