I believeā€¦

I come from humble beginnings. I am an immigrant, son of a single mom, and the first in my family to receive a graduate degree. We did not have much but our belief that education will take us to a higher place.

That’s why education matters so much to me. I know the challenges children and young people in our community face.

That’s why I work so hard to give them opportunities through bursaries, scholarships and breakfast programs. Others may feel cynical about the future or simply give up, but I believe.

As your trustee, I can help more children and youth in our community. Together, we can make our schools better and lift our communities and neighbourhoods by elevating our educational system.

I believe we can.

Matias and his wife, Janelle
Matias and his wife, Janelle


This October 22nd, vote Matias for Public School Board Trustee!