School Community Updates


Hybrid Learning is Bad for Students

Flashback to early 2020 and the Ford government was staring down the gun barrel of teacher strikes all over Ontario. Unrest with parents was tangible and his public support in

School Starts on Monday, can Parents Buy School Supplies for their Kids? Ontario Government Flip Flops on Commercial Protocols

Published on Downsview Advocate in Ontario must feel like they were tied to a yo-yo and spun around over the last week. Only a few days before the March

Campaign for Public Education Endorses Trustee Candidates

CPE endorses 16 TDSB trustee candidates TDSB Ward #/Riding # 1 Etobicoke North Ali Mohammed-Ali #2 Etobicoke Centre Shawn Rizvi #4 Humber River Black Creek Matias De Dovitiis #7 Parkdale

Our Schools in Disrepair and Disarray

Our schools are valuable public assets. They help set the prices for homes in our neighbourhoods. They set the standard by which our children are able to thrive. They are

The TDSB is not providing adequate transportation for many students

Many students in York West have to travel long distances to get to school, but do not meet the stringent guidelines the TDSB has set up. Chalkfarm Public School is