The TDSB is not providing adequate transportation for many students

Many students in York West have to travel long distances to get to school, but do not meet the stringent guidelines the TDSB has set up. Chalkfarm Public School is a good example.

For two years I have worked with parents to extend busing from a new development near Chalfarm Public School to the school. The bus service was put in place temporarily when construction was still ongoing and TDSB staff have tried twice to remove it. School board policy stipulates that most of the households in the new development are too close to have their children bussed. However, the policy does not take into consideration that the distance here crosses a ravine where travel in the winter is made very difficult by snow. It also means using a path that may be unsafe for unsupervised children. The bus route has been extended for two years, but the policy remains unchanged and is an issue for many other communities. I believe that the TDSB must look to create more flexibility to accommodate students and their families.

The issue of accessibility to schools is very important to many families in York West and I will work to find solutions within the TDSB.